cable & accessory Spikes / Absorber


Cone Spikes for Speakers Set of 4

Elegant Cone Spike in beautiful black-chrome look with tonal advantages for all speakers. Due to the small area to the floor or the shelf unwanted resonances are suppressed and the loudspeaker can achieve its potential better.
In addition, low-frequency sound components are not transferred so easily to the coupled objects (shelves, floor, etc.).


  • Extra slim design
  • height adjustable
  • with support disks and drive nuts
  • Diameter 18 mm Edition
  • Diameter Einschlagmutter 7 mm, length 10 mm
  • Height adjustable from 34 to 37 mm
  • M6 thread
  • 4 x Spike, 4 x Einschlagmutter, 4 x Placemats
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