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Eichmann Bullet Plug gold plated blue set

Eichmann Bullet Plug gold plated blue set Eichmann Bullet Plug gold plated blue set
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ETI Eichmann Bullet Plug Gold RCA Plug 4 pc set
The legendary often copied but never equaled Bullet Plug ? Eichmann (the inventor Keith Eichmann) version with gold plated connectors and plastic housing in blue. The RCA plug was the first who broke with traditional ideas and surprised by a revolution, which now took train to train for other products imitation and recognition. Nevertheless, the original remains unmatched to this day.

Here are a few details to the basics:

Defined signal flow in the Bullet Plug. Two basic knowledge of electron flow are considered.
  • Low mass, following the realization that a high metal mass causes undesirable memory effects - the electrons lose just said in the wealth of material and make detours so to speak, the speed and power cost instead targeted to flow. Even if electrons were only the shortest path then any other material would be simply superfluous been due to magnetic effects.
  • Defined point contact of the ground instead of several random contacts with conventional collar conventional plug connections with their maturity and eddy current distortions - the first time, a defined signal flow is realized by means of the patented ball contact. A point of contact with a defined direction that means speed and power of purposeful Signalflussens. In contrast to conventional plug with the random multiple contacts and various directions and reflections of electron flow.
Free of show its reduced plastic design and low mass allows the Eichmann Bullet Plug ? by means of its ball contact a clean signal flow.
  • Consistent application of metallurgy. For cables is often advertised with the purest copper, but the connectors are vegessen almost always made of brass. One of the findings of Keith Eichmann is the fact that different materials in plugs and cables also produce different conductivities and thus reflections and eddy currents in their transitions.
  • Copper is a rather soft material and can not develop the required clamping force for connectors. Therefore, it is used in the usual way brass plugs. Contrast, only 28% Brass - Copper has a standard IACS conductivity of 100%. Insofar arise with brass plugs with copper cables, reflections and eddy currents through the unequal conductivities.
  • Eichmann ETI Technology Industries developed a special Tellurium copper having a conductivity of about 90% at a much higher return force. Un- blocked signal flow was possible, as a stable structure. Now, the low-mass construction of the EIT Eichmann connector was possible; both the RCA plug Eichmann Bullet Plug ? as well as in Banana Eichmann Bayonet Plug ?.
  • The Eichmann Bullet Plug ? Classic know a hard gold plating on which is carried out without the usual previous coating. The advantage is a lower resistance but at a slightly matte gold finish. As always with ETI Eichmann - sound going on looks!
  • This silver cable now can not find a suitable plug has developed ETI Eichmann Bullet Plug denEichmann ? Silver. Thus, the conductor material silver can finally show what it can do!
  • Bullet Plug RCA plug
  • 4 Piece Set
  • Blue plastic housing
  • gold-plated contacts
  • Marker in Black / Red
  • Cable input to 9.2 mm
  • Strain relief with screw

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