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audioquest Cinnamon RJ/E 3,0 meter

AudioQuest RJ / E - Cinnamon network cable 3.0 meter
The network cable of audio quest from the Cinnamon series is suitable for high-quality network player and streamer. By the cable design with solid 1.25% silver conductors and the massive, high-density polyethylene insulation By this construction, the Cinnamon network cable, the high-frequency signals are optimally transported and little affected. The gold-plated nickel plug with 100% shielding provide a perfect transition, at this sensitive point.
The AudioQuest RJ / E network cables are constructed cable standard by Cat-7, providing a data rate of 10 Gigabit at up to 100 meters long cables.
Like all AudioQuest cable is also the Cinnamon RJ / E direction sensitive, this is the production of AudioQuest cables founded. Each batch of metal conductors is heard at audio quest sample and the optimal direction is determined. Then the production process even this direction is used.
  • Cat-7 network cable
  • massive 1.25% silver conductors
  • massive, high density POLYETHYLENE insulation
  • plated nickel plug with 100% shielding
  • High speed data capacity
  • Direction Bound
  • Length 3.0 meters
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