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RipNAS Solid V4 - 1 TB

RipNAS Solid V4 - 1 TB RipNAS Solid V4 - 1 TB RipNAS Solid V4 - 1 TB RipNAS Solid V4 - 1 TB
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HFX Solid V4 RipNAS - 1TB music server / Rippers

The company HFX has been one of the market leaders and convinced durable with high-end products at a low price. By RipNAS you can easily digitize your CD in master-quality audio and watch it on any playback device. The RipNAS Solid V4 system is equipped with a super-fast, 120GB SSD hard drive and in addition has an internal 1TB (2.5 inches) of hard disk space.

  • remote
  • AMd QuadCore
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • 4 GB RAM
  • HDMI and S / PDIF optical
  • 4K and DTS-HD Master Audio via HDMI
  • 120GB SSD (System)
  • 1TB Silent 2.5 "HDD
  • TEAC DVD professional with C2
  • Gigabit LAN
  • WHS 2011
  • Asset UPnP
  • Kodi with UPnP / DLNA / Airplay

The following extensions are possible, please contact us:
  • HFX Upgrade 1TB HDD
  • HFX upgrade 2TB HDD
  • HFX Upgrade 8GB RAM
  • HFX upgrade AM1 Quad CoreHFX upgrade wireless
  • HFX Upgrade Service contract 1 year, phone, TeamViewer Support initial u. Configuration, backup, updates, monitoring
  • HFX Upgrade S / PDIF RCA output
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