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Seki slim yellow universal remote

Seki Slim yellow Universal remote control / remote seniors

Seki Slim Universal remote control especially for children and seniors, with the simple 6 key operation can use all standard equipment. This makes it possible to replace the often confusing and cluttered infrared remote controls and to keep the use, especially for seniors as easy as possible. By omitting the many keys, especially the setting keys is incorrect operation and adjustment of TV devices at near impossible. This can especially for older people, TV devices are set once and then use the Senoiren alone possible. By 6 different colors, also several devices can be operated. Easy-to-use device for each select a color.

As a tip - even children will appreciate the ease of use.

  • Universal Infrared Remote Control
  • works for any infrared remote control
  • simple programming in a few steps
  • 6 simple button operation
  • very large buttons
  • Volume up / down
  • Station selection up / down
  • Switching on / off
  • Mute / input selection
  • Manual in German
  • No batteries included / ordered separately
  • Battery R3 / AAA 2 pieces required
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