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Pro-Ject Control it DS/RS

Pro-Ject Control it DS/RS
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Pro-Ject Control it DS / RS remote control

Anyone using multiple box design components will be pleased with this convenient system remote control. With it they control several box design devices with one hand. Extremely simple and practical to use!


  • Controls the following devices with full functionality:
    Stereo Box S
    MayA Stereo Box DS
    MaiA DS
    MaiA DS2
    Stereo Box RS
    Pre Box S
    MaiA Pre
    Pre Box DS
    Pre Box DS2 Analogue
    Pre Box DS2 Digital
    Pre Box RS
    Pre Box RS Digital
    CD Box
    CD Box S
    MaiA CD
    CD Box DS
    CD Box DS2
    CD Box DS2T
    CD Box RS
    DAC Box RS
    All Stream Box models.
  • Restricted functionality (* Device-specific remote control not supported):
    Receiver Box S
    All dock boxes
    CD Box
    CD Box S
    CD Box DS
    Tuner Box S: (* Volume +/-)
    Media Box S: (* on / off with "OK", play, track +/-)
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